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The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction - by Barry Hardin, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post
Crazy Crow Trading Post is proud to announce the arrival of it's latest publishing project, The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction by Barry Hardin. This book has been in the works for years, and is the result of a ton of research and contributions from many fine craftspersons. We've created a preview of several pages for you to get an idea of the quality of the construction detail, historical images, as well as contemporary photos of the warbonnet you're sure to want to make yourself.
Preview Book
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BeadCreator Software
BeadCreator Software Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 4199-900-200
Price: $149.00
Shipping Weight: 0.50 pounds

Create loom, brick, peyote, RAW, fringe, gourd and herringbone beading patterns with BeadCreator.

BeadCreator was released as a design tool back in early 2000. The makers of BeadCreator looked at earlier bead crafting software, saw serious flaws in their design, and set out to build a better program. Today, with input from our customers, they continue to improve their software.

Take a Tour of BeadCreator

Over the years, BeadCreator has fine tuned the software to be as easy to use, yet have all the tools needs to unleash your creativity for pattern design and development. Take a few minutes to watch this short video below to see how easy it is to create a pattern right out of the box.

As you can see, creating a pattern is an exercise in simplicity. From the size of the beads to the number of bead colors used, you have complete control. Now, your skill level may be more advanced, and the Bead Faerie method will work to get your design into the program, but the real jewels of this software are found inside the program, after you've created your base design pattern.

Option to Design with ONLY Beads You Have on Hand!

First, if you're the type of designer that has hundreds of tubes of beads, and constantly buying more for patterns, you'll love the Bead Inventory System. You input your inventory into BeadCreator, and then when you design a pattern, you can ask BeadCreator to ONLY use the beads you have in stock. This helps to minimize your outlay of cash for additional beads. Or, you can ask BeadCreator to use inventory first before it uses new beads. When you output your pattern, you get a stocking list of whats in inventory and what you'll need to order. When you've committed the beads to the project, they are subtracted from your inventory.

Extensive Color Editing Tools

Second, you get an extensive color editing tools to help you with your design. Hue, saturation and lightness are just the tip of the iceberg to what you can do. The secret sauce to BeadCreator software is the use of the Dewey Delica system, developed in conjunction with long time beader Susie Hughes. When you use the Dewey Delica system, you'll find that your finished patterns use the correct type of beads and finishes, providing a uniform look to your work. This is detailed in a book written on BeadCreator, available separately for purchase or for free via digital download. This is an extensive detailing of everything BeadCreator can do, written by a beader for beaders. It's not a detrimental fact, despite what our competitors might claim; it just means that a single page manual is for a program with limited capabilities.

There are dozens and dozens of bullet points to what this software will do. It does loom, brick, peyote (to 9 drop), RAW, fringe, sacred gourd and herringbone. It outputs to native PDF format, meaning that you don't need to install a third-party program to get an Acrobat PDF file. We also output to Word, Doc, Excel, RTF and text files; JPG, PNG, BMP image formats; to HTML; and most importantly, to XML. Why is XML important? It's because it's an Open Source format, enabling you to import our files in to any other beading program (assuming anyone else writes the spec for it.) We did this because of Beadscape and BeadPlan (and more recently BeadCellar) - are programs that are no longer in development today, but left plenty of people locked in to their program format.

While there are two levels of software: BeadCreator Professional, and Professional Plus, we only offer the "Professional" version. This is because most persons purchase this to begin with, and almost 90 percent of those who buy the "Plus" version upgrade to "Professional" withni 90 days at a much higher cost.

The Professional Version includes protection, enabling you to prevent the printing of your patterns when selling them; assembling previously created patterns in BeadCreator to create pattern books of 10 or more patterns; advanced color editing functions; etc. - Loom, Brick, 1-9 Drop Peyote, Sacred Gourd, Herringbone, RAW stitches - Mix and match stitches to create fringe - New masks and color shapes combine with all pattern formats - New color editing features using the right pane - Expanded color correction - Intelligent Color Reduction - Delete individual beads by color - Show color variants as options - Password file protection - Expanded Dewey Decimal specifications - Support for third-party plug-ins - Export pattern data to XML, an open-source format - Import JPG, TIF, GIF and PNG formats - Online video training included Standard features include: - Convert image to a pattern - Create designs from scratch - Full suite of design editing tools design - Choose from multiple bead sizes - Create custom color palettes, fully accessible - Full bead inventory management - Copy protect your patterns, limit print ability - Preview original and pattern simultaneously - Desktop publishing tools included - Create single pattern books for resale - Choose from custom cover designs for pattern books - Shopping cart links built in to books for extra sales - Customize fonts, sizes, columns - Creates custom pattern websites - Watermark images, protect your hard work - Upgradable to 20,000 image artwork database included - Export to native PDF - No third-party app needed.

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