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  • World's Biggest Supplier!

    Biggest selection of Native
    American & Mountain Man arts,
    crafts, craft supply & kits available
    anywhere. 162 Page color catalog;
    over 8000 items online.

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  • Pendleton Indian Blankets

    For over 100 years, if you're looking for an American Indian blanket, you're looking for a Pendleton. From the vintage Chief Joseph, to the newest designs, we offer great selection. Learn More about Crazy Crow Trading Post products

  • Native American Regalia

    Crazy Crow offers a great selection of hard-to-get, top quality Native American dance regalia items. We'll make you look good from top to bottom.

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  • We are Beads!

    Crazy Crow offers many of most popular styles and sizes of glass, metal, bone, horn & other beads needed for Native American, fur trade era &contemporary designs.

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  • Your Rendezvous Supply HQ

    . . . for historically authentic, ready-made rendezvous and mountain man shirts, pants, moccasins, hats, apparel, gear & accessories.

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  • Indian Craft Kits

    The most authentic and compre-
    hensive Indian craft kits available
    . Includes quality materials, selected for kit requirements and experience level, plus easy-to-follow instructions.

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  • Rendezvous Craft Kits

    Clothing, powder horn, knife & other related kits for novice & experts alike. Includes quality materials selected for kit requirements & experience level, plus easy-to-follow instructions. Learn More about Crazy Crow Trading Post products

  • Camping Gear & Shelter

    From ironware and cooking tools, to tin and copperware plates, bowls, pots and pans, kegs and jugs, tents and tipis, canteens and jugs, lanterns and lighting, we can outfit your needs. Learn More about Crazy Crow Trading Post products

    FLINTLOCK FOWLERS: THE FIRST GUNS MADE IN AMERICA! This landmark pictorial study of 18th century American flintlock fowling pieces features guns ranging from Club Butts & New England guns to those of eastern Kentucky, along with their origin & construction.
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  • 2015 CATALOG 32-  162 FULL COLOR PAGES
    2016 CATALOG 33- 162 FULL COLOR PAGES 162 Full Color Pages - Be sure to get yours for the largest selection of Native American Indian, rendezvous & mountain man, & reenactor craft supplies & crafts to be found anywhere.
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  • MAY & JUNE CROW CALLS - Specials & New Items
    MAY & JUNE CROW CALLS - Specials & New Items 16 PAGES of new items & savings on many very popular powwow & rondy items, such as German Silverwork, Warbonnets, Throwing Hawks, Frontier Knives, Tin Lanterns & much more.
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  • Craftwork Techniques Of The Native Americans
    CRAFTWORK TECHNIQUES of the Native Americans Both novice and experienced crafters can make and learn from these examples while experiencing many hours of pleasure creating beautiful Native American beaded objects. 316 photos, 23 detailed illustrations.
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    PENDLETON Indian Blankets for Powwow or Home!   For over a 100 years, if you're looking for an American Indian blanket, you're looking for a Pendleton. We offer an extensive line of the most popular blankets, throws, baby blankets, serapes & shawls.
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    PORKY ROACHES READYMADE & KITS No other headgear, other than the Plains warbonnet, personifies the North American Indian as much as the hair roach. This page shows readymade roaches as well as kits and related products.
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  • Fustian Rifleman's Hunting Frock
    Fustian Rifleman's Hunting Frock Patterned after drawings in Sketchbook '76 and The Frontier Rifleman, we also offer our longhunter frocks in fustian cloth. A nice weight, natural colored fabric that is pre-washed and suitable for dyeing.
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  • Straight Dance Scarf Sets
    Straight Dance Scarf Sets Every Straight Dancer needs several sets of scarves and it’s hard to find the right sizes, especially with matching ribbon, so we’ve had these made up in easy-care polyester satin.
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  • 3-Band Wool Broadcloth
    3-Band Wool Broadcloth Unavailable for many years, we reintroduced it back in 1980 and now offer it in 85% wool in 9 beautiful colors which are great for blankets, skirts, leggings, aprons, trailers, vests and other dance regalia. Popularly priced and 60" wide. Made in the USA.
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American Indian & Rendezvous Craft Supply & Products

Crazy Crow Trading Post LLC is the largest supplier of Native American Indian and American Mountain Man crafts, craft supplies and craft kits in the world! Since 1970, Crazy Crow has grown from a single table at a powwow, to a modern 31,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse complex.


Bead Craft Supply • Leather • Feathers • Jewelry Findings & Supply • and lots more!

With our roots in the Native American craft supply world since 1970, it's only natural that we would have put together an extensive line of the type craft supplies used by American Indians. The bead trade in North America was originally directed toward Native Americans, and the beads used for other projects today are often direct descendants of the ones developed for trade in the 19th century.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Buckskin and elk were (and are) used widely for Native American crafts, as well as the fur trade and frontier era outfits of those of European descent. We offer a wide variety of leather (and fur) for those specific uses, as well cowhide, latigo, buffalo and sheep (when available) as other contemporary popular leather crafts.

Native American dress is renown for its use of feathers. We supply feathers to be used with both traditional, classic regalia such as warbonnets, as well as the bright colored feathers and plumes associated with contemporary American Indian dance styles. Many of these same feathers, as well as our selection of natural plumage, are also popular with fly fisherman and for general feather craftwork.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Crazy Crow Trading Post also features an extensive selection of jewelry findings and supplies. Many popular jewelry styles can be traced to Native American patterns and styles, particularly those of the southwestern United States. You will find everything you need to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, chokers and other beautiful items.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Native American Crafts & Craft Supplies

If you're looking for the craft supplies needed for virtually any type of Native American tribal regalia, you've found it! Crazy Crow offers the supplies, patterns and kits to suit everyone from advanced to beginner. We also offer a great selection of readymade items for your powwow dance clothes, camp or home décor.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Muzzleloaders & Historic Reenactors

While we don't carry smokepoles, we do provide all the goods you'll need for your rendezvous outfit and camp. The leather, furs, cloth, beads, bone, and other things you will need are from the same era that we've supplied related to Native American trade goods since opening our doors in 1970.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

An often followed general rule of thumb for trappers was to dress like the nearby natives, so an outfit supplying those goods (like Crazy Crow) is your best way to go! We also have large selection of handmade frontier knives, knifemaking supply, hawks, kits, accouterments, powderhorns, bags and much more.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

French & Indian War • Revolutionary War • American Civil War

Many thousands of reenactors are members of clubs that reenact famous battles in America's history. We have dedicated online sections to each of these 18th and 19th century American wars. Here we group products that are historically accurate for your outfit, camp or personal items.

Over 8000 items online! Pick a category and start shopping NOW!

Crazy Crow Trading Post
  •     Mountain Rifle Kits

        Excellent Design, Precision Manufacturing   Details


        Adult Low Top & Child Sizes   Details

  •     Blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills

        14 New Patterns for 2015!   Product Details


        3 Styles   Product Details

  •     Carbon Steel Blades

        Made in the USA!!     Product Details


       INDIAN LOVE FLUTES    Flute Details

  •     Pendleton Mugs Make Great Gifts

        New Designs for 2015 - $20     Product Details

  •     Closeout Beadwork Design - SAVE 25%

        1-1/4", 2" & 3" Widths     Product Details

  •     New Beaded Cuff Patterns

       6"x8" - for Cuffs, Bags, etc.     Product Details

  •     Pendleton Accessories for 2015

        Towels, Bags, Cases & More     Product Details

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