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Crazy Crow Trading Post - Powwow and Native American Indian Craft Supply
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The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction - by Barry Hardin, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post
This is one of our most popular books ever! With 128 pages and over 150 full-color photos and illustrations, The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction by Barry Hardin has been in the works for years, and is the result of a ton of research and contributions from many fine crafts persons. We've created a preview of several pages for you to get an idea of the quality of the construction detail, historical images, as well as contemporary photos of the warbonnet you're sure to want to make yourself.
Preview Book
Pow Wow Dance Clothes & Accessories
Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories

Mountain Men Clothing for Rendezvous and Camp

Your Rendezvous Supply HQ for Mountain Man Shirts, Pants, Moccasins, Hats & Apparel!

Crazy Crow is proud to offer a line of historically authentic ready-made rendezvous and mountain man clothing and accessories. Our shirts, frocks, vests, ponchos, pants, hats, and accessories will have you strutin' your stuff in style at the next rondy!

Our mountain man clothing is based on historical research and is made from authentic fabrics that match the era. From our Longhunter Pull Over Hunting Shirt to our Mountain Man Work Shirt, Drop Sleeve Shirt(or other fur trade era pants, shirts, hats, etc.), you can count on looking the part.

If "doing it yourself" is your style, be sure to see our Mountain Man Clothing and Accessory Kits.

Crazy Crow Trading Post

Drop Front Pants - Charcoal Denim
Code: 4610-031-1
Price: $59.00
Drop Front Pants - Natural Drill
Code: 4610-041-0
Price: $57.00
Code: 4611-00
Price: $29.50

Mountain Man Sketchbook Work Shirt
Code: 4615-01
Price: $57.00
Drop Sleeve Shirt - Pullover Style
Code: 4615-03
Price: $57.00
19th Century Old Time Pleated Dress Shirt
Code: 4615-05
Price: $45.00

19th Century Old Time Wedding Shirts
Code: 4615-06
Price: $39.00
Longhunter Pullover Hunting Shirt
Code: 4615-07
Price: $59.00
18th Century Rifleman's Pullover Hunting Shirt
Code: 4615-08
Price: $69.00

Longhunter Open Front Hunting Shirt
Code: 4615-09
Price: $59.00
18th Century Camp Work Shirts - Button & Leather Lace Front
Code: 4615-1
Price: $39.00
18th Century Frontier Pullover
Code: 4615-10
Price: $79.00

Riflemanís Frock - Linen Look Cloth
Code: 4638-010
Price: $85.00
Wool Pullover Frock - Walnut
Code: 4638-030
Price: $55.00
Rain Poncho
Code: 4639-001-001
Price: $49.00

Fustian Rifleman's Hunting Frock
Code: 4638-040
Price: $139.00
Crazy Crow Trading Post

Getting dressed for your first Mountain Man Rendezvous?

Take a look at our Mountain Man Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories article on "dressed for your first Mountain Man Rendezvous". In addition to discussing the topic in general, we feature a number of books and DVDs that, while prepared for Moutain Man historical reenactors in general, offer information that will be particularly helpful to beginners.

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