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2018 Frozen Butt Rendezvous

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Don’t miss the 38th Annual Frozen Butt Rendezvous on February 9-11, 2018 at Corndodger Station, 7.5 miles west of Frankfort, Kansas. Bring your rifle, pistol, smoothbores, bow, hawk, knife and whatever else you may want to use for competing at the Frozen Butt Rendezvous. The Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders, host of the Frozen Butt Rendezvous invites bring lots of powder ’cause there are a lot of shooting events for you to enter. There is no Grand Aggregate Prize; all events will be stand-alone events. Shoot what you want, when you want!

Spectators and New Shooters are always Welcome.

Lots of Shooting Events: Rifle / Pistol Walk, Knife & Hawk, Archery & Shotgun

Saturday Night Meal will be provided for Shooters and Families.

Camp Fee (includes event fees)
* One registered shooter per camp is required.
* $20.00 Single; $30.00 Family
* Fire Wood is available.
* Limit Open Fire Pits. Use Fire Box if possible.
* Fire Barrels available on site.
* Fire bucket required in all camps.
* Clean outhouses are on site.
* No drinking water is available.
* Primitive and modern camps available.
* Keep ‘non-period’ items covered in Primitive Camp.
* ‘Quiet Camp’ is available for old timers.
* No loaded guns are allowed in camp.

Things to know about the Kansas-Nebraska Rendezvous
* Pre-1840s dress is strongly encouraged.
* All pets must be on leash at all times.
* Horses must be tied up or under control at all times.
* Traditional Arms only
* Shooting will be from the Pouch
* Open Iron Sights only
* Patched Round Ball only
* Some ranges open Friday as weather and time permit.
* Ruling of Range Officer and Booshway is final on all range and camp issues.
* Tin Cup Rule is in effect.
* No Grand Agg Prize. All events will be stand-alone events. Shoot what you want, when you want!

* Traders welsomc – Please register (no additional fee)

Map & Directions to Corndodger Station Range

Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders - Corndodger Station - Frozen Butt Rendezvous

For more information:
Booshway, Lee Tebbutt 785-617-0061
Chris Emme 785-410-4643; Neil Taylor 785-565-1612

History of the Frozen Butt Rendezvous
When the Kaw Valley Muzzleloaders initially organized they held several rendezvous type shoots. The event that seemed to attract the most interest was the winter shoot held in February. The first few shoots in February were just called a winter rendezvous. It soon became apparent that while the participants were enjoying themselves they were also freezing their backsides off. Thus the name Frozen Butt Rendezvous naturally evolved.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Frozen Butt Rendezvous in February at Corndodger Station near Frankfort, Kansas.

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