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2019 Prescott Powwow at Watson Lake Park

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All are welcome at the 13th Annual Prescott Powwow on September 20-22,  2019 at the Watson Lake Park in Prescott, Arizona. Enjoy a beautiful weekend of dancing, music, art and food. The public is welcome and encouraged to come watch and even participate in our circle. The Prescott Powwow, like many typical Pow Wows, starts on Friday evening with a single Grand Entry, followed by Intertribal dancing, giveaways and specials, with informative (and sometimes humorous comments) by the MC.  In recent years, many powwows have become competitive events that can sometimes takes away from the spiritual realm of the gathering. The Prescott Powwow has no contest dancing as its mission is to provide an event that focuses more on the social and spiritual aspects of powwow.Saturday has two Grand Entries, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening after a dinner break. Sunday has a single Grand Entry in the afternoon.

Prescott Powwow

Families travel hundreds of miles to attend Pow Wows such as the Prescott Powwow. Time and distance are not relevant. The renewal of traditions and reinforcement of the heritage is the important thing. The Prescott Powwow welcomes everyone, both participant and visitor. It is a time to strengthen the circle.

It is important to the organizers of the Prescott Powwow to encourage elders and youth to come together. This makes it more possible to ensure that the culture lives on through the future generations.

Admission & Fees
Free Admission to Powwow
Parking $5.00
Drums, dancers and vendors free parking.
Free Camping & Showers for Powwow Participants (space is limited)

Watson Lake Park
3101 Watson Lake Park Road
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 777-1122

For More Information
General Info: 928-890-4373
Drum & Dancers: 928-890-4373
Vendor Info: 928-925-2846 | >Rules & Registration

Prescott Powwow Gallery Preview

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Powwow Schedule
3:00 p.m. Gourd Dancing
7:00 p.m. Grand Entry
10:00 a.m. Gourd Dancing
12:00 p.m. Honoring all Veterans w/ Native American Warriors Medal of Valor
1:00 p.m. Grand Entry
4:00 p.m. Gourd Dancing
7:00 p.m. Grand Entry
10:00 a.m. Gourd Dancing
12:00 p.m. Grand Entry

Prescott Powwow Head Staff
Northern Drum: New Boyz, Teesto, Navajo, Az
Southern Drum: Strictly Southern, Keams Canyon, Az
Head Man: Wewistima Tutsi, Second Mesa, Az
Head Woman: Sunshine Roman, Chandler, Az
Head Boy: Mateo, Haswood, Crownpoint, NM
Head Girl: Cheyenne Edgewater, Leupp, Az
MC: Alex O. Shepard, Ceder City, Utah
Arena Director: Donald Sabori, Sacaton, Az
Head Gourd: Deaton Smith Farmington, NM
Sound: Chester Beard, Tuba City, Az

Prescott Powwow

Head Woman: Jingle Dress
Head Man: Northern Traditional
Head Boy: Northern Traditional
Head Girl: Fancy Shawl

Camping and showers for participants. Space is limited.

The Prescott Powwow is a family friendly event. No pets, drugs or alcohol are permitted.

Prescott Powwow

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Prescott Powwow on the 4th weekend in September at the Watson Lake Park in Prescott, Arizona.

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