Click edit button to change this textThe Blackpowder range at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club is oriented towards shooting of muzzleloaders (rifles, pistols and shotguns, up to .85 caliber (10 gage)) Rim fire arms up to .22 magnum are also permitted. No center fire arms are allowed for general member use. This range is 100 yards long and has a fixed firing line at the front of the range shelter. Target supports are present at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards, consisted of fence mesh supported on posts. Each range support also has one or more metal gong supports with varying types of response targets. Shooters are requested to place targets only on the mesh and it works best to use a target backer, like a piece of cardboard. Some clothespins are available but best bring your own. A number of portable shooting benches are in the range shelter.


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