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Save on Longhunter & Mountainman Frocks & Shirts – Save 10% – Ends 10/31/16

Frocks & Shirts Sale Through October 31, 2016 SAVE 10% on Frocks & Shirts Crazy Crow is proud to offer a line of historically authentic ready-made rendezvous and mountain man clothing and accessories. Our shirts, frocks, vests, ponchos, pants, hats, and accessories will have you strutin' your stuff in style at the [...]

2nd Grade German Tan Buckskin – 25% Less than #1 Grade

2nd Grade German Tan Buckskin - 25% Less than #1 Grade 25% LESS than our #1 German Tan Buckskin If you’ve put off crafting with our German Tan Buckskin because of the price, then now’s your chance to try it. We’ve acquired a large shipment of Grade #2 hides at a tremendous [...]

Blackhawk & Mini Hawk Sale – Save 15% – Ends October 31, 2016

Blackhawk & Mini Hawk Sale Sale Through October 31, 2016 SAVE 15% on Blackhawk & Mini Hawk Throwing Tomahawks Authentic hand-forged throwing tomahawks from Crazy Crow. We have spent years researching and manufacturing the finest line of throwing tomahawks, belt & camp axes available today. Hickory and Ash tomahawk handles, books on [...]

Czech Pony Beads Sale – Save 10% – Ends October 31, 2016

Czech Pony Beads Size 5/0 & 8/0 on Sale Through October 31, 2016 SAVE 10% on 5/0 & 8/0 Pony Beads Pony beads were first introduced to Indians by French explorers in the early 17th century and were immediately popular and well suited for use in decorating Indian garments. Great for early period [...]

Witness the Year of 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga Everyday: Tours & Demonstrations

Witness 1777 at Fort Ticonderoga Everyday! Every day is an event at Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Ticonderoga is the only site in America that tells a new story each year through dynamic historical interpretation. In addition to the special events that take place during the year, daily programming brings to life this epic story [...]

Discover Fort Ticonderoga-A True Early American Colonial Treasure

Discover Fort Ticonderoga: A True Early American Treasure Of all the fascinating and noteworthy historic sites to see in the Lake Champlain/Lake George region, Fort Ticonderoga is probably the most well known. Ticonderoga is a true American treasure, certainly the most familiar of the Revolutionary War era forts. Fort Ticonderoga brings to mind [...]

Making Regalia with Juaquin Lonelodge Video Series

CATV Show "Making Regalia" Earns National Attention by Shaida Tabrizi - The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Tribune Reporter Feather bustles. Jingle dresses. Bright and complex beading. As spectators immerse themselves in the exciting dancing of powwows, often the smaller intricacies of crafting the regalia can be overlooked. Yet one creative duo at the Cheyenne [...]

Hand Made Primitive Knives Sale – Save 15% – Ends October 31, 2016

Hand Made Primitive Knives on Sale Through October 31, 2016 SAVE 15% on select Mountain Man and Frontier Knives Crazy Crow's line of period knives is based on historic examples and styles found throughout the colonial and Fur Trade era. Each is fitted with a blade and handle made form a period correct [...]

Crazy Crow E-News August 24 2016

Crazy Crow E-News - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 NOTE: THIS OFFER EXPIRED ON AUGUST 31, 2016 This eNews features include: Back in Stock: White Sage Smudge Sticks New: Ostrich Feathers in Black, White & Natural Sale Items: Bone Hairpipe & Bead Spinning Wheels More Sale Items: Hat Blanks & Tricorns, Pistol Cases & Bowie Knives [...]

Bone Hairpipe Internet Only Sale Save 10% – Ends 8/31/16

Genuine Bone Hairpipe Internet Only Sale - Save 10% - Ends 8/31/16 Internet only sale. Save 10% on all sizes of regular and antiqued genuine bone hair pipe. Discount applies to all quantity price discounts already offered. Sale ends August 31, 2016. Keep up with internet only sales on Facebook, Google+ and Crazy [...]