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At a early age most of the men in Yellow Hammer had entered the arena as fancy dancers. During the 60s and 70s there were no drum groups in their area so they danced to the traditional songs of their respective tribes, the Ponca and Otoe-Missouria. Through dancing it enabled them to gain valuable knowledge of their tribal songs as well as an understanding and concept of a good drum beat.

Their elders taught them that they should not sing for themselves, but ratjer, they should sing for the dancers and the people. Their belief is that the “drum” itself has the power to heal and make a person feel good when they hear it. By the late 80s most of the older members of Yellow Hammer had already retired from the fancy dance category and established themselves within the ranks of the drum with their elders.

Those lessons that they learned from their dancing days followed them to their seat at the drum. In the early 90s they traveled to different parts of the country to sing at powwows but had yet to establish themselves as a bonafide singing group. It was not until 1993 that a reorganized group selected the name “Yellowhammer”.

As Yellow Hammer, they won the “World Championship” of the southern singing category at Schemitzun for the years 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001, and 2004.

Available Recordings

Yellowhammer - Red Rock, Oklahoma- Indian House CD

Product No. 4001-201-713


Contents: 10 Intertribal songs

Singers: Perry Lee Botone, Jr., Mike Gawhega, Jim Grant, Wesley J. Hudson, James Kemble, Garland Kent, Jr., Gregory Lieb, Kinsel Lieb, Stephen Little Cook, John E. Mcintosh, Patrick T. Moore, Jade Roubedeaux.

Recorded at: Red Rock, Oklahoma, October 4, 1995.

Tribe: Ponca, Otoe

Intertribal Song

Intertribal Song

Intertribal Song

Yellowhammer World Champions- Indian House CD

Product No. 4001-201-813


Southern Plains

Contents: Four time winners of the Southern Plains singing competition at the Schemitzun World Championship in Connecticut, Yellow Hammer presents 10 new intertribal songs and one original Ponca war dance song.

Singers: Perry Lee Botone Jr., Michael N. Gawhega, James Grant Sr, Wesley Hudson, James Kemble Sr., Jim Kemble Jr., Garland Kent Jr., Kinsel V. Lieb, Oliver Little Cook Jr., Stephen T. Little Cook, John McIntosh Sr., Patrick L. Moore, Jade Roubedeaux, Andrea Morning Star Kemble, Tesa Dee Roubedeaux

Recorded at: Red Rock, Oklahoma, September 24, 2001

Tribe: Ponca, Otoe.

Intertribal Song