15" Porky Roach - Outside Red Deer Hair

15" Porky Roach - Outside Red Deer Hair

15" Porky Roach - Outside Red Deer Hair

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Product Details

15" Ready-Made Porky Hair Roach with Red Outside Deer Hair

We carry a large stock of high quality, hand tied Porcupine Roaches, featuring one complete row of porky hair (7" in front) around the base and 1 or 2 more rows around the front for proper fullness. An outside row of brightly colored, dyed deer hair completes the roach, with an inside row available if desired.

NOTE: 15" white deerhair outside depicted. See deertail images for color.

SPECIAL ORDER COLORS: If you prefer a special color, we can usually have it made, but can take up to 8 to 10 weeks for delivery as our roach makers are always busy. ALL other than our the Stock Colors listed below are 10% extra.

Deer Hair Outside Only: These are top quality porky roaches with a row of deer hair outside the porupine guard hair.

OTHER COLORS (DEER HAIR): While we have other colors (see related items), we usually have these colors on hand as they are most popular: White, Red, Yellow, Turquoise, Royal Blue

FREE WITH EACH PORKY ROACH: For proper care & storage of your new porcupine hair roach, it is furnished with our hardwood roach stick and ace bandage, along with care instructions at no extra charge!

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