Readymade Drumsticks- Southern Style, 26-1/2"

Readymade Drumsticks- Southern Style, 26-1/2"

Readymade Drumsticks- Southern Style, 26-1/2"

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Crazy Crow Trading Post's Southern Style Readymade Drumsticks (26-1/2") are a real innovation. These long lasting sticks are made from our tough fiberglass rods with hard rubber heads and handles for a good sound and grip and they last! These drumsticks can be used as is or covered with leather.

Our Southern Style Readymade Drumsticks were invented by Crazy Crow in the 1980s for a singer with tendonitis (repetitive stress injury of elbow and arm) from long hours of practice and pow wow singing. Thousands of singers have used them over the years, not just because of their balance and lightweight, but because they create a great sound.

Available in a shorter style for northern-style singer as well. See related items below.

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