Solid Brass Buckles, Hand Forged Buckles for Belts & Straps

Authentically Styleed Iron & Brass Buckles for Mountain Man Era Outfitting

Over the last several years, in-depth research into the clothing of the Rocky Mountain trapper has revealed that many of the belts worn by these hardy individuals were as narrow as 2", so we've expanded our line of brass buckles and hand forged iron buckles to include this increasingly popular size. We still offer all of our 3" belt buckle sizes in all types as well, in both solid brass buckles and hand-forged buckles. Just like the original trade buckles they are styled from, these are excellent replicas for your period outfit.

Die-Stamped Brass Civil War Buckles

Authentic reproductions of Confederate and Union oval die-stamped brass with lead filling.

Brass & Nickel Plated Buckles for Native American and Mountain Man Belts & Straps (1/2" - 2-1/2")

Brass and nickel plated buckles in sizes suited for Native American belts, bell straps, etc. Use on cavalry and military straps, or other general use.