Pendleton Blankets - Thunder & Earthquake

Pendleton Blankets - Thunder & Earthquake

Pendleton Blankets - Thunder & Earthquake


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Pendleton Blanket - Thunder & Earthquake

The Thunder and Earthquake design references a legend of the Yurok, the original people of Northern California along the Klamath River. In the beginning there was no ocean, just prairie. Then Thunder and Earthquake agreed that the people would live better if they had an ocean. So Earthquake traveled with Kingfisher to faraway Opis to bring back the water in abalone shells. As they went, Earthquake sank the land at the north end of the world behind them. At the south end of the world, Thunder helped by breaking down trees. Soon the water extended all the way from the north to the south end of the world. There were salmon and seals in the water. So it is that the prairie became ocean, because Thunder and Earthquake wished it so. This intricate blanket pattern incorporates repeated triangular and zigzag designs often seen in Yurok basketry. And the ombred effect emulates the mighty shaking Earthquake.

64" x 80", Napped, Felt Bound, 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton, Dry clean, Made in the USA.

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