Pendleton Center of Creation Blanket

Pendleton Center of Creation Blanket

Pendleton Center of Creation Blanket

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“We are Earth people, born from our Mother.” Isleta design elements show life’s beginning in a diptych fresco by Deborah Jojola of New Mexico’s Jemez Pueblo. Life grows from Earth, rising through clouds that lift it to the surface in a flower-like. A central bloom releases seeds, scattered by wind. Arrows symbolize sovereignty, the Creatorgiven instructions on how to care for the earth and all its beings. Curvilinear elements show life as a spiral with purpose beyond this world.

About the Legendary Collection

For more than a century, Pendleton Woolen Mills has woven the legends and symbols of Native American tribes into beautiful blankets. The original, exclusive designs of the Legendary Collection are inspired by Native American art, beliefs, ceremonies and heroes. Native Americans were our first and remain our best customers, and a Pendleton blanket continues to signify honor and respect. Blankets are gifted to acknowledge births, deaths, weddings, graduations, milestones and accomplishments; collectible heirlooms of tomorrow that can be used and enjoyed today.

Twin Size: 64" X 80" (163 X 203 cm)
Dry Clean
82% pure virgin wool, 18% cotton
Made In the USA
Napped, felt bound
Commemorative label attached to blanket

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