Pendleton Spirit Bear Blanket

Pendleton Spirit Bear Blanket

Pendleton Spirit Bear Blanket

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To the American Indian tribes of the Plains, the West and the North, the Bear is a spiritual symbol of strength and protection. It is said that Bear has healing powers. In many ways, Bear is like us. Bear is curious, secretive, and fierce at times and demands respect. Bear is cyclic – its annual hibernation (a time of transformation), its birth to offspring, its guidance and protection of its young and preparation once again for winter. The Spirit Bear robe graphically demonstrates the Bear legend and Bear’s sense of balance. In the center of the robe is the Sun Dial, which is a measure of time with the nucleus being a Bear Paw. Feathers surround the image facing all directions to provide protection by the Spirit Bear.

88% pure wool / 12% spun cotton warp. Dry clean only. Made in the USA.

Size: 64" x 80"
Color: Red (as shown)

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