Rise Of Pendleton Native American Trade Blanket

American Indian Trade Blankets The Rise of Pendleton Woolen Mills as the Primary Trade Blanket of Contemporary Native Americans Chief Joseph Over the many generations since Native Americans began trade with Europeans, few items have become more closely identified with indigenous American cultures as [...]

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Tracking A Conquistador With Chevron Beads

Tracking a Conquistador with Beads DeSoto Identified by Chevron Beads in Georgia! Desoto's calling cards? Five years after Fernbank Museum launched an archaeological expedition to investigate the history of early contact between Native American Indians and Europeans in Georgia, their exhibit, De Soto's Footsteps, On [...]

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Early American Tinware

Early American Tinware: Eastern Colonies to American West What is Tinware? Early Tinware Manufacture Tinware is any item made of prefabricated tinplate. Usually tinware refers to kitchenware made of tinplate, often crafted by tinsmiths. Something that is tinned after being shaped and fabricated is not considered tinware. Tinware Properties Tinware is strong, easily [...]

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