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2018 Battle of Charleston Civil War Reenactment & Military Timeline

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Relive history at the 14th Annual Battle of Charleston Civil War Reenactment & Military Timeline at Legere Farms on April 7-9, 2017 in Johns Island, South Carolina takes a different look at history this year. The Battle of Charleston Reenactment will not only feature the Civil War battle, but this year will bring together the military history of Charleston through the centuries.

Battle of Charleston Civil War Reenactment & Military Timeline

Experience history from the vantage point of Reenactors and living historians throughout a timeline of military encounters. Begin with the rowdy and often illegal doings of local Pirates, then venture into the Revolutionary War period and see how Charleston and its residents were crucial in forming a country. Move on to the Civil War and the fight to control Charleston through the Battle of Bloody Bridge. As a new century dawns we see the devastating effects of the war to end all wars, WWI. Then only a few short years later see the bravery of our fighting forces during WWII. Follow on to the Korean Conflict and the devastating circumstances of the Vietnam War.

The Battle of Charleston Civil War Reenactment provides a venue for our living historians who have some amazing stories to tell. Let them show you their equipment, how they lived, their transportation and how they fought the enemy. What a terrific place to bring your children and let them see history unfold. You may have a family member that lived through one of the eras and he can show you his memories through the setup of our historians.

Admission (12 and up) is $10.00 per day
Children (5 to 11) is $5.00 per day
Children (under 5) is Free
Tickets may be purchased online at Legare Farms

For our Spectators, make sure you plan to spend the day with us at the Battle of Charleston Reenactment. Wander through the camps and engage with our living historians, take in their expertise of their time period and how it affected our local area. We have both period and modern vendors to explore, a place where you can have your tintype pictures made and farm fresh food for lunch.

For General Information
Call 843-559-0788 or email [email protected]

Battle of Charleston Reenactors
Welcome to our reenactors! We promise to take great care of you and make it easy and pleasurable for you to interact with our spectators. In addition to the normal amenities, we offer you a Saturday night fried chicken dinner and a “multi-period” dance afterwards.

Reenactors Information
Call 843-246-4647 or email [email protected]

Reenactment Rules
ALL reenactors MUST register!
All participants are required to comply with all rules and guidelines.
Any participant failing to comply will be subject to removal from the event. This is for your safety.
Wood, straw and water will be provided to Reenactors. For our Cavalry folks…Bounties will be paid. Please bring your own hay for your horses.
Dinner Saturday night for Reenactors will be at 6:00 p.m. Bring your own plate, fork, etc.
No pets allowed.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Battle of Charleston Civil War Reenactment at Legere Farms in Johns Island, South Carolina.

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