Crazy Crow Dealer Application

Crazy Crow Trading Post Catalog 38 for 2022

Thank you for your Dealer Catalog request. We appreciate your interest and are committed to providing our dealers with the best quality, pricing, availability and service in the industry. We supply several hundred dealers in North America and many countries worldwide, and look forward to adding you to our network. Crazy Crow Trading Post offers the same level of personal service to dealers, regardless of the size of their operation. We’re a family owned business with humble beginnings. We respect the efforts and challenges of operating a small business, as well as the demands of larger enterprises.

Pricing: We maintain a separate wholesale catalog that is identical to our retail catalog in product display, but, of course reflecting dealer pricing. Online orders: Dealer orders can be placed online, but reflects retail prices. Dealer pricing is applied when the order is shipped. We will soon offer online wholesale pricing for dealers who login to their accounts before ordering.

A tax number alone does not qualify one for dealer status, so to protect you and ensure your profit margins as a regular dealer; we strive to sell only those firms who are stocking dealers in the products we offer. Therefore, we ask that you complete this application in full so we may set you up as a dealer. We know that you do not want us to sell to your customers at wholesale prices and we appreciate your cooperation in this regard. Our minimum initial dealer order is $150. While we require no annual minimums, dealer account status is subject to review after extended periods of inactivity or low activity.

ORDER ONLINE: Please note that you can order online when you add your dealer name and account number with your order. Your dealer pricing will be correctly reflected in your invoice when we ship the order. Be sure to order in the correct dealer quantities per the Dealer Catalog to receive the desired discounts.

You may submit the application and proof of dealership using “2 Documents Only”
or “1 Document and 2 Trade References”.Please select the appropriate application below:

Dealer Applicaton: Requires 2 Documents


Dealer Applicaton: Requires 1 Document & 2 Trade References