Our Goal . . .

. . . is to provide the best quality products at fair and competitive prices, while bringing you, the customer, the very best service in the industry.   Read our mail .. see what our customers write (in the bar to the right of this screen).

Since 1970 . .

Since beginning in 1970, the goal of Crazy Crow Trading Post has been to provide the best quality products at fair and competitive prices, while bringing you the very best service in the industry.

We offer American Indian arts & craft supplies and Muzzleloading Reenactors Supplies, beginning first with custom made German silverwork. As business increased, two more silversmiths were added to meet the demand, along with other employees to help with shipping and other operations. Within two years, other products were added and our first catalog (a single price sheet) was printed.

In 1973, Crazy Crow & The American Indian Room opened an Indian store in Dallas, Texas to serve the local community and to handle mail order sales. Silverwork production and other distribution continued to be handled in Denison until 1978, when both operations were consolidated in Denison. During this time, Buckskinning, Muzzleloading and Knifemaking supplies became an important part of our line and many more new items were added to what has become a true catalog.

Now, 42 years later, Crazy Crow has grown from a single silversmith selling work at a table at powwows, to a modern 41,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse complex in Pottsboro, Texas, with a staff of over thirty and a strong presence on the Web.

Better, not just Bigger

Bigger is often said to be better, but just adding more products to our catalog will not improve shipping and order completion rates, or help us answer phone calls and emails. While growing in size has certainly let Crazy Crow Trading Post do many things better, it is our continued focus on customer satisfaction and relationships that has provided that growth. We know it, we remember it, and we work on it constantly.

We are excited about the many ways that technology can help us to do more for you – but we are being careful about our choices – ensuring that when all is said and done, that your experience with Crazy Crow will be enhanced.

CCTP Growth Continues . .

American Indian Crafts & Muzzleloading Supplies - Crazy Crow Trading Post
Over the years Crazy Crow has incorporated the remaining stocks from Treaty Oak Indian Store, Ozark Indian Store and Western Trading Post when they closed. Our acquisition of the well-known and highly respected Bovis Bead Company of Tucson, Arizona has also provided a greatly expanded product line with additional old-time color seed beads and various other products. These Old Time color seed beads were carefully recreated to enable crafts people to continue accurate and skilled re-creation of American Indian beadwork dating back to the earliest times.

Crazy Crow Trading Post – Bridging Two Worlds

Both traders and trading posts have provided a way for Native and non-native cultures to come together for hundreds of years. Initially, traders went to where the tribal peoples lived and gathered (as well as the early fur traders and mountain men). Trading posts initially were established at the various military or fur trade company forts that sprang up as America spread westward. These trading posts not only became places to buy, sell and trade, but also to gather.

The availability of European glass beads, factory woven cloth and blankets, mass produced tinware and utensils, changed Native American material culture from the start. In many, if not most cases, the preferences of the Native Americans for color and style, altered the goods produced in the factories to better suit their desires, so while the beads, ribbon, cloth, feathers, etc., may be manufactured overseas and purchased from a “trader”, these items are used to create truly Native American crafts that represented their own culture.

While basic self-interest and curiosity might have been the source of most initial contact, for some, like Rex Reddick, co-owner (with his wife, Ginger) of Crazy Crow Trading Post, it was not the limit of their experience. Many traders came to appreciate that various tribal cultures offered things that they did not find in their own, marrying Native Americans and adopting many of their ways.

As our business has grown, we have been able to have many unique items manufactured around the world. Many of these are authentic reproductions of original trade goods which, prior to our production, had not been available for many years. It is with great pride that we have been able to bring to the market such products as:

  • Missouri River Patterns & Craft Kits
  • Imitation Porcupine Guard Hair
  • Genuine Stroud or “Saved-List” Cloth made just like the original
  • Fine quality Broadcloth in both Rainbow Selvedge & 3-Band styles
  • French & Old Style Brass Beads
  • Tin, Brass & Aluminum Cones
  • Shotgun Cleaning Rods
  • #6 and #7 Peyote Drum Kettles
  • German Tanned Buckskin in White, Natural & genuine Smoked
  • Books, such as: Focus on Feathers, The Modern Fancy Dancer, Northern Traditional Dancer, Manual of Fingerweaving, 19th Century Plains Indian Dresses, Beadwork Techniques of the Native Americans, Beaded Earrings – Techniques & Designs, etc.
  • . . and many, many other authentic and unique items.

Serving Customers Worldwide

With our loyal and dedicated staff and excellent suppliers, CCTP now serves customers worldwide, shipping over 250 packages a day.

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