Craft Focus Articles

Beginning any craft project, especially if it is your first time working on a particular item, requires some patience – and a plan. Is your craft work representative of contemporary design, or do you have a particular ‘period’ in mind? Will your project reflect some general ‘Native American’ look, or is there a specific tribal design to be achieved? Do you have instructions on the materials needed and assembly techniques required?

The purpose of Crazy Crow Trading Post’s Craft Focus pages is to provide a starting point in your research, to save you time and improve your chances of finding the information and materials you need to do it right the first time.

Your feedback is welcome. Send us comments, pictures, etc., that you think might improve our articles.

  • Fighting Blades of the Frontier - TRUEWEST Article

Fighting Blades of the Frontier

  • How to buy German Silverwork - Crazy Crow Trading Post

How To Buy German Silverwork

  • Leather Buying Tips from Crazy Crow Trading Post

Leather Buying Tips

  • Native American Flat Fan Construction - Crazy Crow Craft Focus Article

Flat Fan Craft Focus Intro

How To Make Moccasins

  • Porcupine Hair Roaches- Crazy Crow Trading Post Craft Focus Articles

Porky Roach Craft Focus

  • Porky Roach Care - Wrapping - Crazy Crow Craft Focus

Porcupine Roach Care & Storage

  • Porky Roach Kit Instructions online - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Porky Roach Kit Instructions

  • Porcupine Quillwork

Porcupine Quillwork Craft Focus

  • Blanket Care Article - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Care of Wool Blankets & Products

  • Knife Sharpening Tips - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Sharpening Your Knife

  • Powder Paint - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Powder Painting

  • Parfleche Painting Article from Crazy Crow Trading Post

Parfleche Painting

  • Making a Parfleche Knife Sheath

Making a Parfleche Knife Sheath

  • Native American rawhide for crafts and painting

Making Rawhide that Stays Flat

  • Early American Tinware: From Eastern Colonies to The American West - Crazy Crow Article

Care & Maintenance Of Tinware


Horn Utensils

Making A Horn Cup Salt Horn

  • Sundial Compass - Crazy Crow Trading Post Craft Focus Articla

Sundial Compass

  • Native American Shawl Dance Craft Focus - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Native American Dance Shawls

  • Deluxe Adjustable Bead Loom from Crazy Crow Trading Post

Deluxe Adjustable Beadloom