3-Band Wool Broadcloth

3-Band Wool Broadcloth

3-Band Wool Broadcloth

(Per Yard; also avail by Foot, 1/2 yd & 5 yds.)

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3 Colors on Sale thru 10/31/2020: 026, 056, 283.
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Crazy Crow Trading Post's 3-Band Wool Broadc is popular with the many tribes of Oklahoma, and most notably the Osage, this old, rainbow selvedge tradecloth featured 3 wide colored stripes along the selvedge. Unavailable for many years, we reintroduced it back in 1980 and now offer it in 85% wool in 9 beautiful colors which are great for blankets, skirts, leggings, aprons, trailers, vests and other dance regalia. Popularly priced and 60" wide. Made in the USA. Available by the foot, 1/2 yard & yard.

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