Stringing Supplies, Leather Laces, Waxed Cord & Stringing Wire

Crazy Crow offers a variety of stringing supplies for your beading, jewelry and other craft projects. Leather laces, thongs and cords are available from long popular Greek Leather Cord, to rawhide, latigo, deerskin, buckskin and other leather laces.

Waxed cord is featured for bead stringing and other craft uses. Very popular artificial sinew is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and spools. Genuine deer and elk sinew is also offered for anyone looking for primitive craft supplies for historically correct early craft work of Native Americans and Mountain Men.

Folks doing beaded jewelry, necklace stringing, and breastplate, choker or banndolier making (for Native American Regalia), will want to look at our Tiger Tail wire and fasteners.