Bead Craft, Beading & Sewing Thread: Nymo & Cotton

Nymo Thread- Cotton Thread- Nylon Thread- Beeswax

Generally, Nymo nylon thread is best for gourd stitch, earrings, lazy stitch, applique and weft threads on loomwork. Size “A” or “00” Nymo is best for 13/0, 14/0 and smaller beads; “B” is good for 12/0 and 11/0; “D” works well with 11/0 and 10/0 beads; and “F” is quite heavy, good for 5/0 and 8/0 pony beads. “F” is also good as a craft thread for heavy duty sewing ...such as moccasins, clothing, drumstick heads, etc.

For loomwork warp threads, we recommend cotton as it does not stretch like nylon. Use Quilting thread for 12/0 and smaller and Button and Carpet thread for 10/0 and 11/0 beads. Nymo can also be used for warp threads, but it should be pre-stretched before use, even in gourd stitch or lazy stitch. Both should be coated with beeswax before use, as this prolongs the life of thread and helps prevent tangling.