Native American Prints, Posters & Notecards

Robert Griffing

The cover painting for Crazy Crow's 2012 catalog is the work of Robert Griffing, titled "Friend or Foe". Drawing on his extensive library of books, historical journals, and papers, he is able to create some of the most accyrate and detailed works depicting the Woodlands tribes in their struggle to survive the encroachment of the Europeans. In addition to this cover art, we also offer a selection of his notecards, and ceramic tiles.

Rance Hood Posters

Rance Hood is proclaimed to be our nation's most successful living traditional Plains artist. His works are displayed in numerous galleries, museums and private collections throughout the U.S. and are fast gaining international attention. He is a self-taught, highly acclaimed artist raised by his Comanche grandparents in Oklahoma. His spiritual themes are mystical, sharing his vision that beauty is everywhere.

Karl Bodmer Limited Edition Prints

Originally published by the artist in the 1840s in Europe, these are the finest quality reproductions of the originals that we have ever seen. Printed on the very finest, heavy museum quality paper, and even capturing the age stains, and pencil signatures of th original prints, which sell for hundreds of dollars today.