Muzzleloader Gunsmithing DVDs - How to Make a Black Powder Gun Videos

Crazy Crow Muzzleloader Gunsmithing DVDs are selected for quality, content and authenticity and will help you learn all about the building and history of muzzleloading rifles and pistols. Featured are the top muzzleloader gunsmiths in the country: master builders Mark Silver, Wallace Gusler, Hershel House and Mike Miller, these DVDs are the finest available to help you improve your skills and knowledge on building muzzleloading firearms. Nothing is more valuable when learning a craft than observing an expert at work. These instructional DVDs will show you how to build Kentucky rifles & pistols and Hawken rifles from the masters themselves, and are invaluable for anyone interested in learning or improving your gun building & finishing skills. Also available are 3 excellent DVDs on blacksmithing with Hershel House, which covers forging a number of projects necessary for forging gun components and accouterments.