Frontier & Mountain Man Knives, Readymade Knives & Knife Sheaths

Throwing Knife, Bowie Knife, Green River Knives, 18th Century Hand Forged Knives

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Authentic Frontier Knives from Crazy Crow. We have spent years researching and manufacturing the finest line of Throwing Knives, Bowie knives, Daggers, Scalpers, Skinner and other knives used by the American mountain man available today.

From our line of authentic Green River Knives, from Russell Harrington Cutlery, to handmade Damascus steel knives, you'll find the right knife for the job. Whether for use in camp, while hunting, fishing, or just the fun of throwing, we've put together a selection sure to please – and a knife sheath to put it in!

If you're ready to make your own authentic frontier period (or modern) knife, we've got a full line of knife making supplies, from a wide variety of knife blades, to handle and sheath materials.