Beavertail Daggers | Authentic Pre-1850s Mountain Man Knives

Crazy Crow Trading Post's Beavertail Daggers are authentic reproductions of a pre-1850s mountain man knife style that took its name from the shape of the blade. The blade is typically wide and thin diamond shaped in cross section, being reminiscent in shape of a beaver's tail. The handle consists of two wooden or buffalo horn scales that are riveted in place, often using brass or copper rivets. Known by several different names, including the Columbia River Dagger, American Dag, Northern Plains Dag and Blackfoot Dagger, they were a common but important trade item offered by various fur trading firms, including the American Fur Company, the Northwest Company, Pierre Chouteau Jr. & Company and the Upper Missouri Company. Designed to compete with the Hudson's Bay Company's "Hand Dague", these were introduced in the 1790s. They continued in production with handles until about 1850 and continued to be supplied without handles until the end of the 19th century. (continued below)