Handmade Damascus Steel Knives

Handmade Damascus Steel Knives from Crazy Crow Trading Post

Damascus Steel Knives for Buckskinners, Rendezvous, or just around the house!

The reputation and history of Damascus steel has given rise to many legends, such as the ability to cut through a rifle barrel, or cut a hair falling across the blade. No evidence exists to support such claims, but you can judge the quality first hand when you order your own hand made Damascus Steel knife from Crazy Crow Trading Post.

We have assembled a great selection of handmade Damascus steel knives that are particularly well suited for buckskinners. From our improved Damascus Hunter with Sheath, to patch knives, skinners, and very popular "Roach Belly" Damascus steel knife, you'll find the knife you need at your side while hunting, or in your rendezvous camp.

Damascus steel shows a distinctive pattern & the high carbon steel is darker than the nickel steel, and there's a pattern of cells that can look almost like snakeskin or running water through the blade, as the hot blade is quenches in pickling brine.