Handmade Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus steel knives take its name from Damascus, Syria, where the steel was first produced by swordsmiths there. Originally, Damascus steel was forged from billets of wootz steel imported from India and Sri Lanka, and is characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Blades from this steel were extremely tough and durable, being resistant to shattering, and capable of being honed to a sharp, resilient edge. The original techniques for producing wootz steel, as well as the end product of Damascus, have both been lost to time, but a similar product is made today.

Modern Damascus is made from steel and iron slices that are forge welded together to form a billet of many alternating layers. While widely accepted as "Damascus", this is technically incorrect, as these are more accurately described as pattern welded blades. Many different patterns are attainable depending on how the bladesmith works the billet. Many layers are formed as the billet is drawn out and folded, eventually attaining up to as many as 500 layers.

Crazy Crow's Damascus Steel Knives and Damascus Steel Blades are made in this, formed of many layers of iron and steel, and are imparted with the desirable characteristics of this beautiful and very practical steel.