Czech Bead Items

Czech Bead Quality + Handmade Imported Beadwork - A Crazy Crow exclusive!

We now have high quality handmade imported beadwork in the finest contemporary designs & colors, all made with top quality Czech beads in 11/0 size or smaller! The use of these beads makes the work much more uniform with more intricate designs and color combinations, making them the best available. You will definitely like these great handmade beaded items!

These Czech Bead items are handmade by indigenous Indian craft workers in Central America who have apprenticed under experienced artisans and are now very skilled themselves. Czech glass beads are by far the preferred component in authentic and/or intricate beadwork due to their uniform size and brilliant colorfast hues. 11/0 Czech seed beads are the predominant size bead used in our Czech Bead Lanyards, Purses, Keychains, Necklaces and other items, but there may be some pieces that actually use 12/0 or smaller. Czech bugle beads are also used.