Mountain Man Moccasins, Footwear & Accessories

Moccasins were by far the most common footwear worn by Mountain Men, as shown in paintings trade ledgers and journals. The image of the trapper in quilled or beaded moccasins is highly suspect. Perhaps if one married into an Indian family he may wear fancy footwear at a rendezvous, but it certainly was not common.

Crazy Crow offers several comfortable and durable moccasins that will serve you well at rendezvous or around your camp. Taos Trapper Mocs have been particularly popular for many years, with their trademark hand formed rawhide sole. Our North Woods Moccasins feature high-topsand are based on actual examples worn by trading company employees and civilians, documented from the early 1800s.

We also offer a line of Native American moccasin kits of varied styles to suit mountain man outfits from other regions. Another kit for the mountain man do-it-yourseler is our Half-Leggings(Botas) kit. Botas were favored by trappers and hunters in the Southwest, yet variations of them were worn by trappers and even some Indians all the way to the Canadian border.