Civil War Brogan Boots, Black (sizes 8-12)

Civil War Brogan Boots, Black (sizes 8-12)

Civil War Brogan Boots, Black (sizes 8-12)

(Sizes 8 - 12)

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Crazy Crow's new Civil War Brogan Shoes are made with the rough side out, like most of the originals. These Civil War Brogans have pegged leather soles for long wear and a square toe, with 4 eyelets and leather laces. They are available in black in whole sizes 8 through 12, in rights and lefts for a more comfortable fit. These are the standard Model 1851 soldiers' shoes, also known as Jefferson Boots, because (coincidentally) of both Thomas Jefferson and Jefferson Davis.

In 1801, Thomas Jefferson wore a pair of modified brogan boots at his first inauguration. The laced-up ankle boots (without buckles) set a fashion for "Jefferson Shoes." The term continued to mean laced shoes until the early twentieth century. His preference for unadorned shoes was taken as a clear indication of his republicanism. Although he met with criticism as the lacing style was considered effeminate, these bootees, generally known as "Jefferson", set a fashion trend.

In 1853, just eight years before becoming president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis was the U.S. Secretary of War. In this role, his work to innovate the military included the introduction of new bootees. In 1858, he revised combat boot design to improve comfort, a style which became known as the Jeff Davis boot, and re-equipped the army with new issue.

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