Strung Dyed Saddle Hackles

Crazy Crow Trading Post's select, strung saddle hackles are the very best for making the popular Oklahoma and Northern Plains style hackle bustles. Don't confuse these with the stiffer neck hackles. NOTE: Hackles are becoming harder to get, thus some colors may run slightly shorter than the sizes listed but we will do our best to provide the finest quality available.

About Saddle Hackle Colors

Light Bright hackles are bleached white and then dyed to a beautiful light bright color; darker hackles are merely dyed without the bleaching process, resulting in a deeper, dark natural color at a lower price.

Planning Your Featherwork Project

We recommend ordering more strung saddle hackles than you think you will need, as some shorter hackles may need to be culled for use in other projects. The approximate number of hackles per ounce is provided with each size listed. Be sure to check our selection of Indian Bustle Kits that include everything you need to make your own Traditional or Contemporary dance bustles.