Native American Style War Clubs & Missouri River War Axes

Based on historic styles, Crazy Crow's new Native American Style War Clubs are hand-carved from high quality hardwood. We're sure you will be well-pleased with the beautiful, soft luster finish that gives them a patina with the appearance of actual museum examples! As these are completely hand-made, they may vary slightly from the photos, making each war club a unique piece.

Our Missouri River War Axes are authentic replicas of the War Axe as described in Peterson's American Indian Tomahawks. These War Axes feature a 8-1/4" long x 4" wide heavy blade that is decorated with the weeping heart cut-out; available in both brass and hand-forged iron. The finely finished hardwood handle is enhanced with brass tacks over a "stair-step" carved grip and fea tures an end-hole for wrist thong. A superb replica that is great for display or carrying with your outfit. NOT FOR THROWING.