French & Indian War Clothing, Accoutrements, Weapons, Crafts Books & Media

Here are a few starter books for the French & Indian War reenactor. If you are just getting started in French & Indian War reenacting, we recommend that you first contact a unit in your area that you may be interested in joining or at least visiting. You may also consider visiting some local events where you can meet other reenactors and take the opportunity to ask questions and learn what they have to say about things to consider. You should also consider joining a unit before purchasing any gear as each unit may be creating different "impresions". Most units welcome "new recruits", however much the novice, and may even have some "loaner" gear to offer until you can acquire your own.

Keep in mind that French & Indian War Reenacting is an activity in which the entire family can be involved. Many units have auxiliaries for spouses and children who may be interested in various civilian impressions. These auxiliaries add to the realism of the unit's impression at reenactment events.