Powder Horns - Documents of History - Grinslade

Powder Horns - Documents of History - Grinslade

Powder Horns - Documents of History - Grinslade

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Powder Horns: Documents of History by Tom Grinslade includes over 180 powder horns are included in this full-color, beautifully illustrated book that emphasizes the beauty of these handmade works of art as well as their historical significance. Unlike other works that have focused solely on the artistic merit of these creations, author Tom Grinslade relates each horn, as much as possible, to where it was made and the events that were occurring at the time. Horns from the 17th century to the first quarter of the 19th century are included, representing the period from Queen Anne's War to the Revolutionary War and beyond into the early years of our nation.

Powder horns with inscriptions, often identifying the owner and/or maker, a date and a location, offer the greatest possibility for additional research and so are heavily represented here. Whenever possible, information on the owner or maker is presented along with details of each horn's design. A broad group of horns, including very plain as well as elaborately engraved horns, has been included in an attempt to illustrate the historical events that took place as our nation developed.

Brief measurements and details about each horn are recorded. The length is measured to the nearest inch from the tip of the base along an imaginary centerline. Also given are the diameter of the base and the number of pegs or pins used to attach the base-plug to the horn. The inscriptions, if any, are recorded, reproducing as much as possible the styling of the letters. The majority of horns featured come from the author's collection, but a number of other notable horns have been included to offer a more complete study. Over 90 percent of the horns have never been published before and so will be of particular interest to students and collectors.

Chapters include: Pennsylvania screw-tip horns, Southern powder horns, Tansel family horns, New England horns, Indian horns, storage horns, rum horns, priming horns, and buffalo horns. The two largest chapters feature French and Indian War horns and Revolutionary War horns. Chapter ten includes information on the care of horn objects, disposition of collections and some questionable powder horns. Also included are a bibliography and indices of names and places appearing on the horns.

This study offers an intriguing glimpse into the lives of the original owners of these horns, as well as their makers. Particularly evocative are the unfinished horns, leaving one to wonder why they weren't finished and what happened to interupt the work. Powder Horns: Documents of History sheds light on an important cultural artifact and the times during which they were produced. Perhaps unlike any other publication, this book give these artifacts the importance they deserve as both the creative expression of their maker and as a document of the culture that produced them.

177 pages, over 430 color photos. SC.

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