Scrimshaw Quality Powder Horn Kit, 10" - 14"

Scrimshaw Quality Powder Horn Kit,  10" - 14"

Scrimshaw Quality Powder Horn Kit, 10" - 14"

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Our Premium Quality Scrimshaw Powder Horn Kit contains components selected to produce a first class powder horn suitable for a campaign style of the type used during the French & Indian War up through the American Revolution. Or, you can make a more conventional style horn with a larger, rounded base plug. It contains one of our scrimshaw quality, polished cow horns along with all the components needed to complete the horn, as listed below.

As this is an advanced kit, you will need the following tools: vise, drill, coping saw, rasps and files, sandpaper or emery paper, small hammer, wood stain and varnish if desired.

Premium Scrimshaw Horn Kit Includes:

  • Scrimshaw quality polished horn 10"-14" long
  • pine block for inner base plug
  • hardwood block for outer base plug
  • leather shoulder strap
  • turned stopper and end finial
  • wooden peg material
  • illustrated instructions
Powder Horn Kit - Finished
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