Native American Style Headdresses: Warbonnets,
Porcupine Hair Roaches, Turbans: Books & Videos

Making Native American Style Warbonnets - History and How to Make
a Porcupine Hair Roach & other Native American Headdresses

RECOMMENDED: Native American War Bonnet Book- Crazy Crow Trading Post publishes its own in-depth study of the classic Plains style warbonnet. including a comprehensive history of how the warbonnet evolved and its origin. A major part of this publication is dedicated to the construction of a warbonnet, complete with detailed illustrations and photos which show both period warbonnet and modern variations.

RECOMMENDED: Porcupine Hair Roach Video- Provides an exceptional source for the authentic construction of the porky roach. Covers building your tying board, sorting porky hair, preparation of hair, attachment of hair to base, construction of handwoven base, plus the care and storage of the finished roach. This Porcupine Roach making video features slow motion and instant replay enable the viewer to construct a fine porky roach.