Claws & Teeth

Animals that provided food and shelter for Native Americans and mountain men also provided the materials for many of their crafts. Animal claws and teeth have long been used on necklaces and to adorn bandoliers, pouches and other items. Deer toes and dew claws from deer; lynx claws, badger claws, beaver teeth, porcupine teeth, and other genuine animal claws and teeth are offered. Plastic and bone claws and teeth offer inexpensive alternatives for the more expensive and hard-to-get genuine claws and teeth.

For the hard-to-get, to the impossible to get claws and teeth (bear claws, bear teeth, eagle claws, etc.) Crazy Crow Trading Post offers replica claws and teeth of the finest quality for your use in traditional crafts. Please note any export or shipping restrictions indicated on particular genuine animal claws and teeth.