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Mountain Man Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories

Getting Dressed Up for Your First Mountain Man Rendezvous!


Mountain Man Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories
When getting started in Buckskinning and Mountain Man Era reenactment for rendezvous or black powder shoots, it’s easy to run out (or get online) and purchase whatever apparel you discover that looks like it would suit your needs. Expensive buckskin shirts, pants and moccasins may all seem appropriate at the time; however, you may regret doing a lot expensive shopping once you get a better idea of what you want to do. Better yet, put some thought into the period you wish to portray (your persona) and do as much research as possible before advancing to high end clothing and accessories.

Instead of buying a bunch of expensive clothing for your first Rendezvous, just buy the basics, and then use a keen eye, examining your fellow ‘skinners. Try not to be overwhelmed when you see all of the great clothing and accessories that your new friends are wearing. Keep in mind that many of them have had years of collecting to acquire their mountain man apparel and gear.

So, start off simple. The more you get into the historical reenacting hobby, you can increasingly build your wardrobe to match whatever time period or style you select.

Starter Mountain Man Clothing & Accessories:

  • Calico or unbleached cotton drop-front shirt; for the ladies, a simple calico dress
  • Fall-front or drop-front pants
  • Inexpensive moccasins (nothing with rubber soles!!)
  • A belt (leather with period-correct brass buckle)

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There are undoubtedly other items that would be good to have, depending on what the weather is expected to be, but it is still best to start simply. Ask a lot of questions when you see something at Rendezvous that grabs your attention. You will find that buckskinners are a friendly lot and will be happy to help any beginners (newbie-rendezvous-goers) getting started in the Mountain Man reenactment hobby.

Ready-Made Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories from Crazy Crow Trading Post.

Over the years, Crazy Crow has forged relationships with crafts people across the country (and local talent, too) that produce quality, authentic ready-made clothing, accessories and craft items.