Meet the Crazy Crow Trading Post Owners
Meet the Crazy Crow Trading Post Owners

Meet the Crazy Crow Trading Post Owners

Meet the Crazy Crow Trading Post Owners

Rex Reddick and his puppy pal.Rex Reddick and his puppy pal.

Rex Reddick

Rex Reddick has been a dealer in supplies for American Indian crafts and muzzleloading shooters, as well as a publisher of books on American Indian crafts and history for over forty years.

He has been involved in Native American culture for over 50 years, participating in powwows and dances around the country as a dancer and singer. He is married to Ginger Otipoby Reddick, a member of the Comanche Tribe, and they have two grown daughters who also participate in powwows and other cultural activities. They are members of the Lone Star War Dance Society, the Comanche Gourd Clan and the Texas Indian Hobbyist Association.

As a craftsman, he has produced numerous pieces of Plains style German silverwork, turquoise and silver pieces, beadwork and ribbonwork, and he has built several longifles, powder horns and various other accouterments associated with the longrifle culture.

Rex has become a member of the Horn Guild (Honourable Company of Horners), the Contemporary Longrifle Association, and other groups that focus on early American frontier crafts such as building muzzleloading rifles, powder horns and other horn crafting. His increasing contacts in both the pow wow and muzzleloading worlds have led to publishing dozens of popular books related to the material culture of both. While Crazy Crow cannot offer the physical trading post gathering place, it can, and does provide a place on the Internet that is much larger – growing!

Roxy, Rex & Ginger Reddick - Crazy Crow Trading PostRoxy, Rex & Ginger Reddick - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Ginger Reddick

Ginger Reddick is an enrolled member of the Comanche Tribe, growing up in Lawton, Oklahoma and attending dances and powwows since the 1960s. She and Rex have been married since 1978 and she has participated in the Crazy Crow business since 1976. Their daughters are Jessica Gatlin and Roxanne Sanders, and both are also a part of Crazy Crow.

Ginger is an accomplished photographer, silversmith, beadworker, quillworker and hornworker, producing many items for sale as well as for family outfits.

She collects beadwork, quillwork and horn items and is also involved in the muzzleloading and the longrifle culture. Along with Rex, she also is a member of the Contemporary Longrifle Association, the Honourable Company of Horners, the Jacobsburg Historical Society, the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association.

Ginger and Rex both enjoy attending powwows and war dances as well as muzzleloading events such as the CLA Show, Dixon’s Muzzleloading Gun Fair, and the NMLRA Gunsmithing School at Western Kentucky University at Bowling Green.

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