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Learn Native American Beading: Loom Beading, Lazy Stitch, Appliqué, Peyote Stitch, Beaded Medalions

Beading videos and quillwork videos are among the most helpful of craft how-to videos as there it is a task that is much easier demonstrated than just explained in writing with static images. Crazy Crow's beading videos and quillwork videos are all "Full Circle How to Bead DVDs". These instructive videos guide beginning beadworkers through projects, from buying supplies and draw- ing designs to actually finishing a project. Beading and quillwork tips from experienced bead and quill crafters and instructions on modern adaptations and techniques are presented, along with examples of related beaded items. Each beading video shows how to bead step-by-step using "larger-than-life" examples and includes a printed instruction sheet. These are the finest available "how to bead videos" you can find to help you improve your skills and knowledge!

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