How to Bead, Vol. 5 - Two Needle Applique DVD


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How to Bead, Vol. 5 - Two Needle Applique DVD

How to Bead, Vol. 5 - Two Needle Applique DVD

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Normally: $19.95

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Vol. 5 - Two Needle Appliqué - Make a striking Northern Plains style belt buckle or barrette while learning how to bead curved lines & floral shapes using the two needle appliqué technique on either cloth or leather. Includes printed instructions with a supply list. 30 minutes.

Full Circle How to Bead DVDs

These instructive videos guide beginning beadworkers through projects, from buying supplies and drawing designs to actually beading and finishing a project. Beading tips from experienced beadworkers and instructions on modern adaptations & techniques are presented, along with examples of related beaded items. Each video shows how to bead step-by-step using "larger-than-life" examples and includes a printed instruction sheet. Each is approximately 30 minutes in length.

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Full Circle videos are selected for quality, content and authenticity and will help you learn all about Native American & Buckskinning craft techniques, outfits, dance styles and much more. Produced by master craft workers, long-time Buckskinners, and champion dancers themselves, they are the finest available to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Full Circle videos feature highly accomplished American Indian craftworkers and dancers, while Indian Lore Seminar videos are an hour or more in length and were conducted by an experienced craftsperson in the field, sharing the tips & techniques gained over many years of first-hand experience. Nothing is more valuable when learning a craft than observing an expert.

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