How to Bead, Vol. 3 - Peyote Stitch DVD

How to Bead, Vol. 3 - Peyote Stitch DVD

How to Bead, Vol. 3 - Peyote Stitch DVD

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How to Bead, Vol. 3 - Peyote Stitch DVD - This excellent guide for the beginning beadworker uses a large size model and step by step instructions that will show you exactly how to produce authentic "gourd stitch" beadwork for fan handles, gourd rattles, and many other projects. Begin by learning how to make an eye catching, American flag keychain, as well as zigzags, straight lines and fancy shape designs.

Contains expert tips on gourd stitch from Rusty Lowe, an expert Creek/Seminole beadworker & craftsman and features examples of beaded articles related to the video. Also included are suggestions on buying supplies and drawing designs, as well as actually beading and finishing your own project. 38 minutes.

Full Circle How to Bead DVDs

These instructive videos guide beginning beadworkers through projects, from buying supplies and drawing designs to actually beading and finishing a project. Beading tips from experienced beadworkers and instructions on modern adaptations & techniques are presented, along with examples of related beaded items. Each video shows how to bead step by step using "larger than life" examples and includes a printed instruction sheet. Each is approximately 30 minutes in length.

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