Native American Herbs & Botanicals

Sweetgrass Braids, Smudge Sticks, Cedar, Sage, Peppermint, Botanical Soap, Herbs

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers a variety of hard-to-get botanicals & herbs used by Native Americans and buckskinners. From the pleasant-smelling sweetgrass braids and sage used in so many ways, to botanical soap for your rendezvous "shower" and osha root used for sore throats, we're your botanical HQ.

Native Americans have long sought and used plants for their healing properties and as aids in spiritual ways. We offer some of the most popular botanicals & Native American herbs, along wiht brief descriptions of how thy have traditionally been used. See our Native American Healing & Herb Lore Books for resources giving complete information on each plant.

NOTE: Crazy Crow cannot vouch for the medicinal effects of these various products. References to Native uses are ased on literature, plus contemporary anecdotal accounts. As for their spiritual properties, we can only quote an old Commanche friend who said, "If you believe in these things, they will work for you."