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Needles & Thread for Beading

Needle sizes are like bead sizes; the larger the number the smaller the size. A #10 needle can be used with 10/0 beads, a #11 with 11/0, and so on. The #12 Sharps and #15 Beading needles are the smallest sizes available so they are best for 14/0 to 16/0 beads. However, some beads may have holes that are too small even for these needles.

Thread and needle sizes also depend on the beadwork technique to be used. Gourd stitch and loomwork require the needle to pass through the beads twice, so use a thread size small enough to allow this. In lazy stitch, the needle goes through only once but the thread should fill up the holes in order to create the characteristic “humps” in the rows of beadwork.

Nymo thread is best for gourd stitch, earrings, lazy stitch, applique, and weft threads for loomwork. For warp threads on beadlooms, cotton thread is recommended as it does not stretch like Nymo. Use Quilting thread for 12/0 and smaller, and Button & Carpet for 10/0 and 11/0. Nymo can be used for warp threads, too, but it should be pre-stretched before use, even for gourd or lazy stitch. Thread should be coated with beeswax during use as this helps prevent tangling and prolongs the life of the thread.

Needles & Thread for Beading

Size “A” or “00” Nymo is best for 13/0 and smaller beads; Size “B” is good for 11/0 and 12/0 and size “D” works well for both 10/0 and 11/0 beads. Size “F” is quite heavy and is good for 5/0 & 8/0 pony beads, as well for an all around craft thread for heavy duty sewing of items like moccasins, clothing, drumstick heads, leather bags, and similar items.

Beading Needles

These long thin needles are used primarily for loomwork, but also work quite well for gourd stitch and beaded earrings. Needle size indicates the smallest bead size for which that needle is intended; however, a smaller size needle is used when it must pass through the bead twice as in gourd stitch, loomwork, or earrings.

NOTE: Size 15B needles come in packs of, 12B in packs of 10; all others are in packs of 25.

Size 16B needles are no longer available. The smallest size now is 15B.