Early American & Frontier Daggers

Authentic Reproductions of 18th & 19th Century American Belt Knives

The Belt Knife is used both as a tool and weapon. It features a single-edged blade that is designed primarily for cutting, but is also effective for stabbing. These knives were attached to a belt by a leather sheath. By the 1700s, gentlemen in Europe and America commonly wore a small sword at their side. At this time, farmers and tradesmen continued using belt knives, but by the Revolution, many adopted the pocketknife for personal use. Further inland and throughout the frontier preference was given to the belt knife over the pocketknife, while some preferred the dagger. The European huntsman's rifle evolved in the colonies into the Pennsylvania long rifle to meet needs of the New World. Similarly, the sophisticated and specialized blades of Europe gave way in America to simpler purpose knives that could whittle, carve, skin, chop, stab, and scalp.