Classic Early American Rifleman's Knife

Authentic Reproductions of 18th & 19th Century American Rifleman's Knives

Riflemen Knives are a longer version of a blade knife often reaching 12 inches or more in length. It is thought that they got their name 'riflemen knife' as they were the basic equipment of the rifleman, along with his rifle and tomahawk. The blade was often a foot in length. Basically it is a butcher's knife, having a single edge and 'choil' creating an off-center appearance to the blade. The choil is the notch between the cutting edge and the blade tang or ricasso (unsharpened length of blade just above the guard or handle) lets you know where to stop sharpening the blade.

Popular throughout the settling of the frontier, they were typically worn in a sheath at the belt and were an essential tool of Eastern Longhunters, Mountain Men and Plainsmen for well over 100 years. These knives functioned as working, utility blades as well as for personal protection, and styles varied from long tapered blades to the popular clip point Bowie form. Handles were made of antler, bone, horn and wood, and overall length typically varied from 12" to 15".