4-Band Navy Broadcloth - 100% Wool

4-Band Navy Broadcloth - 100% Wool

4-Band Navy Broadcloth - 100% Wool

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Crazy Crow Trading Post's striking 4-Band Navy Broadcloth features a traditional edge that was popular into the mid-1900s. Excellent for leggings, breechclouts, aprons, vests, trailers, skirts, blankets & straight dance suits, this fine quality cloth is woven in a tight twill, making it just the right firmness for beadwork and ribbonwork. The soft nap gives it a nice feel, eliminating "scratchiness" to the wearer and it will make a fine set of dance clothes! Available as both Selvedge Edge Cloth and in the popular 4-Way Blankets (see related items) that are 2 yards long with 7 wide stripes in yellow, red & navy blue colors on each end. 60" wide.

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