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Perfect Gifts for Contemporary Builders and Collectors

Kentucky Rifle Foundation CDs: “Almost like studying these guns in person.”

Crazy Crow Trading Post has had a long relationship with the Kentucky Rifle Foundation (KRF) and has long respected the quality of their research and information they offer to those who wish to build authentic Kentucky Rifles. The DVDs below are only available through the KRF, and as such we provide the below link to their website store.

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Store

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Recommended Products

Bucks County ~ Volume I, Issue XII
8 Gunsmiths ~ Over 220 high resolution images

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Recommended Products

West Virginia ~ Volume I, Issue XI
19 Gunsmiths ~ Over 190 high resolution images
(Plus WV Horns)

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Recommended Products

Moravian ~ Volume I, Issue II
9 historic Moravian guns

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Recommended Products

Best of Show ~ Volume I, Issue VI
20 guns ~ Over 260 Photos

Kentucky Rifle Foundation Recommended Products

Shenandoah Valley ~ Volume I, Issue V
18 gunsmiths ~ 220 photos

The entire Kentucky Rifle Foundation CD series [I – XII] is photographed in high resolution digital format allowing the viewer to zoom in on individual details, i.e.,  inlays,  raised or incised carving, engraving designs plus any other area of interest to the builder and collector. 

  $20 each plus $5 shipping 

Complete descriptions of all KRF products and PayPal information can be found at:  kentuckyriflefoundation.org (or send check or money order to: Kentucky Rifle Foundation,  PO Box 1561,  Dept. MN,  Annandale, VA 22003)


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