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2020 Pipestone Civil War Days

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Experience the excitement of Pipestone Civil War Days on August 15-16, 2020 in Pipestone, Minnesota. Pipestone Civil War Days is one of the most enduring and respected events of its type in the upper Midwest, and is a tribute to our past. Set in a beautiful historic setting visitors are invited to interact with civilian and military reenactors to share some of the flavor of the 1860s with them.

American Civil War Reenactors, or living historians, from around our nation, recreate scenes of daily life from the home to religion to education to military camps. Events throughout the Pipestone Civil War Days weekend include educational programs, etiquette and ballroom dance lessons, camp tours, children’s games, Sunday morning church services, a Grand Ball and much more!

Pipestone Civil War Days

The roar of the cannon, the smell of gun powder, and the work of our reenactors, performers, and other participants make a full immersion in the 1860s possible at Pipestone Civil War Days.

The Pipestone Civil War Days are hosted by the 13th U.S. Infantry Regiment, Company D. and made possible in part by a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Councilwith funds appropriated by the State Legislature.

Admission Fees
Tickets: $8 each (Reg. $10)
Weekend Passes: $13 each (Reg. $15)
One-Day Family Tickets: $25 each (Reg. $30)
Weekend Family Passes: $35 each (Reg. $40)
Children 5 and under: Free.

Pipestone Civil War Days Site
820 North Hiawatha Avenue
Pipestone, MN 56164 United States
Phone: 866-747-368

Directions: From downtown Pipestone: Head East on Main Street toward Hiawatha Avenue. Turn left (North) on Hiawatha Avenue. Drive approximately 6 blocks, event parking and registration is on the left after the playground.

For More Information:
Pipestone Civil War Days Committee (800) 336-6125

School Time
Experience a school classroom out of the 1860’s. Visitors will learn about the educational system during this era and may be surprised at how schools managed during those difficult times. Our school teacher will be instructing all eager pupils out of the McGruffy Reader and Speller.

Quilts and Knitting
Learn about quilting and Civil War quilts and knitting at the Cedar Creek tent. While you are visiting, knit a bandage to help the war effort or start a quilt for a soldier. All ages are encouraged to participate.

Pipestone Civil War Days - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Special Postal Cancellation
The United States Postal Service will be on the grounds on Saturday in the Vendor area to provide a special postal cancellation opportunity to visitor. Buy Civil War Days postcards at the Red Rock Mercantile and send them to loved ones the same day from the Pipestone Civil War Days.

Ballroom Dance Lessons
Ever wanted to know how to do the Virginia Reel, or the Schottische? The Minnesota Living History Society is offering free ballroom dance lessons on Saturday after the battle. Don’t have a partner? They we’ll provide a partner and the skills to dance like the gentry at the Grand Ball Saturday night in the brand new Hiawatha Lodge.

The Grand Ball
The public is invited to the brand new Hiawatha Lodge Saturday evening at 8 pm for the Pipestone Civil War Days Grand Ball. Come see the reenactors in their Sunday best and join in the dancing. Our event band will play and call the different dances of the 1860s. All are welcome to join us for a free evening of entertainment.

Storyteller Jim Two Crows
National award winner, Jim Two Crows Wallen, is an oral historian who combines his love of history with a good story, keeping you spellbound. For over 25 years, the Missouri native has captured the imaginations of audiences spanning three continents. Two Crows invites you to be submerged in history through his exciting presentations on the Civil War.

Music of the Civil War
Just as it is today, music was a vital element in the everyday lives of men and women of the Civil War. Music was sung and played at home, in the camps by the soldiers, performed by regimental bands on the march, and was often played on the battlefield. The more than fifty thousand songs of this era came to express people’s goals, aspirations, fears, and emotional and physical pain. Learn more about the music and the instruments.

The Battle Reenactment
You will be able to witness the battle as the citizens of Washington D.C. did on the first major encounter of the Civil War. The North and South will be reenacting a battle from 1864 with scrimmages off and on during the morning culminating with the battle in the afternoon.

Funeral Practices
The war would have been an even greater horror than it was without one person–the undertaker. Learn about the role of the undertaker, see a widow in full mourning and learn about funeral practices of the era. Presented by Pipestone’s own funeral director, Randy Hartquist.

Pipestone Civil War Days - Crazy Crow Trading Post

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Pipestone Civil War Days in August in Pipestone, Minnesota.

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