Handmade German Silverwork by Crazy Crow Trading Post

Select Hand Made German Silverwork Sale Through 6/30/16

German Silverwork items on sale: All roach spreaders, armbands, bracelets, Southern Style Concho Belts (and related). If you’re a straight dancer, anyone wearing a roach, or a lady with a Southern Style outfit, this is your chance to add to your regalia and save!

About Crazy Crow Trading Post Plains Indian Silverwork

In 1970, Crazy Crow Trading Post started by selling silverwork at powwows, and today, Native American Plains-style silverwork is still an important item produced IN-HOUSE by our silversmiths. We offer many styles of silverwork that fill the needs of powwow dancers and Native American Church members. Our roach spreaders, tie slides, armbands, concho belts and more are essential items for all dancers. Our earrings & pins look great both on and off the dance floor and with over 40 years experience, we produce only the highest quality work in authentic, traditional designs.

Select German Silverwork Sale Prices Good Thru June 30, 2016

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